Greene Squashes Fake News, No VP Showdown with Lake!

Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene of Georgia is setting the record straight and denying the rumors of a “death race” against failed gubernatorial candidate Kari Lake to snag the coveted role of Donald Trump’s running mate. Greene made it clear that Lake is not her adversary and in fact, she is excited to support Lake’s bid for the Arizona Senate.

The drama between these two Trump allies was brought to light by Rolling Stone, which reported that they view each other as competition for Trump’s affection. While they maintain a cordial facade in public, behind closed doors, they hold an unfavorable view of one another. Greene has even referred to Lake as a “grifter” who is attempting to ride on Trump’s coattails. On the other hand, Lake suspects that Greene may have leaked negative information about her to the press to hinder her potential candidacy.

Although both Greene and Lake have been mentioned as potential vice presidential contenders, the chances of either of them securing the position are low. Despite Greene’s unwavering loyalty to Trump, she believes that the Republican National Committee and the national party do not want her as his running mate. In response to speculation about her vice presidential prospects, Lake’s campaign cheekily pointed out that serving as both governor and vice president simultaneously would be unconstitutional.

Lake is also considering a run for Arizona Senator Kyrsten Sinema’s seat, which further complicates her pursuit of the vice presidency. While Lake’s campaign has not released a comment about her future plans, the possibility of her entering the Senate race adds another layer of uncertainty to the situation.

In the end, the rumors of a heated rivalry between Greene and Lake seem to be just that – rumors. Both women have their sights set on different political aspirations, with Greene vying for support in Georgia and Lake potentially eyeing a Senate seat. This is yet another example of the media attempting to create a narrative where there isn’t one, adding unnecessary drama to the political landscape. It’s important to focus on the real issues facing our country rather than getting caught up in these manufactured feuds.

Written by Staff Reports

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