Habba Predicts SCOTUS Victory for Trump, Kavanaugh Loyalty Key

Alina Habba, former President Donald Trump's legal representative, exuded certainty in predicting a favorable Supreme Court ruling on challenges to Trump's eligibility. In an appearance on Fox News's Hannity, she expressed unwavering confidence, particularly in Justice Brett Kavanaugh, suggesting that the court would side with Trump due to a sense of obligation following Kavanaugh's tumultuous confirmation process.

Habba emphasized Trump's arduous efforts in securing Kavanaugh's position on the court, hinting that this investment would yield a favorable outcome for the former president. She staunchly defended Trump's innocence regarding insurrection-related charges, highlighting his lack of formal accusations or convictions as grounds for dismissal of attempts to bar him from primary ballots in Colorado and Maine.

Trump's appointments of Gorsuch, Barrett, and Kavanaugh to the Supreme Court were underscored, with Kavanaugh notably weathering significant controversy during his confirmation. Despite this, Trump steadfastly supported Kavanaugh, who has served on the court since 2018.


Written by Staff Reports

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