Haley Dodges Economic Forum Class Amid China Controversy!

Former U.N. Ambassador Nikki Haley is dodging questions about her involvement in World Economic Forum training classes. When asked by an Iowa voter last spring, Haley denied participating in any World Economic Forum training programs, even though she was a World Economic Forum Young Global Leader in 2011. Her campaign spokesperson refused to comment on her time as a Young Global Leader, but Haley herself previously boasted about attending World Economic Forum “seminars” when she was invited to the 2007 conference in China.

It seems that Haley is trying to distance herself from her past involvement with the World Economic Forum. This may raise questions about her transparency and trustworthiness among voters. As a conservative Republican, it’s important to hold our candidates accountable and make sure they are upfront about their experiences and associations.

Additionally, Haley’s recent criticism of Governor Ron DeSantis’s foreign policy record, particularly regarding the Israel-Hamas war, Ukraine, and China, is ironic considering her own involvement with the World Economic Forum. We need leaders who can stand by their actions and be consistent in their messaging. Haley’s evasion of questions about her past involvement in the World Economic Forum raises concerns about her ability to do so.

Ultimately, it’s up to the voters to decide if Haley’s avoidance of questions and contradictions align with their values and expectations in a candidate. However, it’s crucial for conservatives to scrutinize and question the actions and statements of those seeking our support.

Written by Staff Reports

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