Hamas to Blame for Healthcare Collapse in Gaza Strip

In light of recent events in the Gaza Strip, it is evident that Hamas, the genocidal terrorist group ruling the area, is solely responsible for the dire situation facing the healthcare system in Gaza. Despite having spent years building underground tunnel networks to protect its own members, Hamas deliberately neglected to construct bomb shelters for its people, leading to the current crisis. Additionally, Hamas has repeatedly rejected numerous ceasefire proposals and refuses to make peace with Jews, demonstrating their undeniable role in prolonging the conflict. As a result, the healthcare system across the Gaza Strip is on the verge of collapse. 


Reports from Gaza’s health ministry indicate that the health system in the area is teetering on the brink of collapse due to critical shortages of medicine, basic medical supplies, fuel, and manpower. Only a third of the region’s hospitals and primary healthcare centers are operational, intensifying the healthcare crisis and leaving the people of Gaza vulnerable and without necessary medical care. It is important to recognize that this dire situation is a direct consequence of Hamas’ actions and policies.

Ultimately, the responsibility for the current crisis in Gaza lies squarely with Hamas. As a genocidal terrorist group whose long-standing policy aims at destroying Israel, Hamas has continually disregarded the well-being of the people in the region and chosen violent conflict over peace and cooperation. By refusing to engage in meaningful ceasefire negotiations and rejecting opportunities to alleviate the suffering of innocent civilians, Hamas has proven to be the primary obstacle to ending the current strife and ensuring the effective functioning of the healthcare system in Gaza.

In sum, the imminent collapse of the healthcare system in the Gaza Strip is a direct result of Hamas’ refusal to prioritize the welfare of its people. Only by surrendering and embracing peace can Hamas take meaningful steps towards alleviating the suffering and ensuring the well-being of the people in Gaza. It is crucial to hold Hamas accountable for the ongoing crisis and to recognize the urgent need for a peaceful resolution in the region.

Written by Staff Reports

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