Harrison Butker Slams Biden, Urges Catholic Graduates to Resist Disorder

Kansas City Chiefs kicker Harrison Butker made headlines with his commencement speech at Benedictine College. In his speech, Butker criticized societal disorder, blaming bad leaders for negatively impacting society. He specifically called out the COVID lockdowns and criticized the growing support for what he called “degenerate cultural values.”

Butker didn’t hold back when he pointed fingers at President Biden, accusing him of being delusional for publicly claiming his Catholic faith while supporting abortion. He highlighted what he saw as a disconnect between Biden’s faith and his stance on abortion, suggesting that being Catholic alone is not enough.

The kicker urged the graduating class to be unapologetically Catholic and stand up against disorder, encouraging them not to conform to societal pressures. He also emphasized the importance of masculinity, stating that the absence of men in the home contributes to the violence in society.

Butker’s outspoken conservative views are not new, as he previously wore a pro-life tie during a White House visit and criticized Biden’s support for abortion. His speech at the college graduation reinforced his stance on these issues and encouraged the graduates to be strong in their convictions.

From a conservative standpoint, Butker’s speech serves as a reminder to uphold traditional values and resist societal trends that go against conservative principles. His bold criticism of Biden and societal disorder resonates with those who share his beliefs and value moral integrity.

Written by Staff Reports

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