Harvard Hit for Hushing Anti-Jewish Hate! Students Skywrite Scorn

American academia is in hot water once again, as college presidents from Harvard, the University of Pennsylvania, and Massachusetts Institute of Technology fail to denounce calls for the genocide of Jewish people on their campuses. These spineless leaders used the word “context” so much that it could practically be a drinking game. It’s as if they’re more interested in making excuses for antisemitism than protecting their Jewish students from harassment.

Even the Biden White House, known for its incompetence, had to step in and do the job that these college presidents couldn’t. They rightly called out the abhorrent calls for genocide as monstrous. This just goes to show how unwilling these Ivy League leaders are to address the toxic rise of antisemitism on their own campuses.

In response to the universities’ failure to combat antisemitism, a group of Jewish students took matters into their own hands. They chartered a plane to fly over Harvard, trailing a banner with the message “Harvard Hates Jews” and a Palestinian flag. The message was clear: these universities are fostering an environment of hate and violence towards Jewish students. The flight was timed to coincide with the start of Hanukkah, a poignant reminder of the persecution and resilience of the Jewish people.

The group behind the aerial display made it clear that this is just the beginning. They vowed to target other Ivy League campuses with similar flyovers, shining a spotlight on the rampant antisemitism that is being ignored or even endorsed by university leadership.

The students behind the bold initiative highlighted the alarming rise in antisemitic attacks on college campuses, with Harvard being a central symbol of this disturbing trend. It’s a disgrace that university leaders like Claudine Gay of Harvard refused to acknowledge the calls for genocide against Jews as a violation of their code of conduct. It’s time for these universities to stop turning a blind eye to the hatred and violence directed at Jewish students.

With the display of the provocative banner and Palestinian flag, the students are sending a powerful message that hate, violence, and support for terrorism must never be tolerated. This aerial campaign serves as a wake-up call to these universities, urging them to take a stand against antisemitism and create a safe and inclusive environment for all students.

Written by Staff Reports

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