Heritage Foundation Sues DOJ for Hunter Biden Records under Mann Act

The Heritage Foundation’s Oversight Project took legal action against the Department of Justice (DOJ) by filing a lawsuit in Delaware federal court related to Hunter Biden’s case, as reported by Fox News. The lawsuit is seeking the release of records that could potentially uncover whether Biden should be further investigated under the Mann Act, a law dating back to 1910 targeting acts of “prostitution or debauchery.”

Recent revelations showed Biden facing gun charges in Wilmington, the same location central to the current legal battle, as detailed by Fox News. The Mann Act, originally aimed at combating prostitution, deems it a felony to transport any woman or girl across state lines for illicit purposes. The Oversight Project’s legal move comes following claims made by IRS whistleblower Joseph Ziegler during testimony before the House Ways & Means Committee in 2023, indicating DOJ scrutiny over potential Mann Act breaches involving Biden.

Ziegler’s account emphasized Biden’s alleged ties to an individual suspected of involvement in the sex trade on the West Coast, with Biden purportedly claiming travel expenses related to such associations. These revelations cast doubt on whether Biden played a role in transporting individuals across state lines for unlawful activities, according to Fox News.

Attorney Kyle Brosnan representing the Oversight Project elaborated in an interview with Fox News Digital on the substantial evidence suggesting the existence of these sought-after records. Despite mounting allegations, the DOJ has resorted to issuing a “Glomar response,” a legal tactic allowing the agency to neither confirm nor deny the presence of requested information, citing exceptions to transparency norms, as outlined by Fox News.

Written by Staff Reports

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