Hidden Biden Documents Expose DIRECT Chinese Connections

One interesting aspect of the Biden documents scandal is how a think tank linked to the president, which was named after him, received millions of dollars in donations from China while it was examining paper with little more than a standard accounting code.

The documents that were found at the Penn Biden Center, which is part of Pennsylvania University, revealed the extent of Chinese infiltration of US institutions. China has been busy on this front. They’ve been involved with various activities, such as establishing secret police units in LA and New York, buying up land in rural areas, establishing Confucius Institutes in schools, and collecting user data from social media platforms.

They’ve also been giving millions of dollars to think tanks and universities. These details are only the initial findings of the investigation and more information will likely be revealed in the future.
It is not yet clear how the Biden family benefited from China's activities. However, the investigation by the Oversight Committee, which is headed by Rep. James Comer, will likely reveal more about this issue in the future.

According to reports, Hunter Biden, the son of Joe Biden, was able to access some of the highly classified documents that were found in the documents scandal while he was working for a

Chinese company. It is also believed that his father was involved in the game.The emails that were found on Hunter Biden's laptop revealed that he was aware of his father's activities, and he tried to hide them. In one of the emails, a code name for Biden was used, and it was reported that he received a 10% cut on a deal. Other messages also mentioned that he used his shared accounts to pay his father's bills.

The House Oversight and Comer investigations are focused on the Biden family's connection to China's influence operations. However, it is not likely that they will be able to uncover all the details about this issue. As Newt Gingrich noted, this situation seems to be similar to what's already happened in Washington.

There is a lack of transparency and accountability regarding the money trail of the university. Since Chinese sources are reluctant to provide information, the university refuses to follow the law and report foreign donations.

For several years, I worked for the Department of Education, and we were unable to get the Pennsylvania University to reveal where all the money that it received from China came from.
Antony Blinken, who is now the Secretary of State, used to be the manager of the Biden Center at Pennsylvania. Other members of the Biden team were also paid by the university.

In an apparent show of appreciation for setting up the Biden Center, Joe Biden appointed Amy Gutmann, the former president of the university, as the US Ambassador to Germany. David Cohen, who was the chairman of the university's board, was also appointed as the Ambassador to Canada.

It is very disappointing that the American public is not taking seriously the efforts of the current president and his family to help China succeed. According to Jim Geraghty, at National Review, the amount that Hunter Biden was paid by a Chinese company is remarkable. He noted that even if one were a loyal Democrat, or if one were a progressive, one would still be concerned about members of the Biden family working with the Chinese government.

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