Hillary Overreacts: Trump’s Nomination Sends Her Into Tailspin!

In a fiery interview with PBS’s Geoff Bennett, Hillary Clinton did not hold back in her criticism of Donald Trump and his potential Speaker nomination. Bennett asked Clinton if she agreed with President Biden’s statement that Trump Republicans have a “growing authoritarian strain” and are “semi-fascists.” Without hesitation, Clinton replied, “I do see it that way.”

Clinton continued to express her concern about the rise of an authoritarian political force in the country, calling Trump a “wannabe dictator.” She criticized the leadership of the GOP for promoting lies, being divisive, and remaining loyal to Trump. Clinton emphasized the importance of defeating these individuals at the polls and returning to fact-based political discussions.

She urged Democrats and Republicans to engage in productive debates about issues like climate change and the economy, rather than resorting to personal attacks and impeachment efforts based on political disagreement. Clinton referred to her experience in the Senate and encouraged House extremists to do the work they were elected to do, such as holding committee meetings, marking up legislation, and taking votes.

Clinton concluded by highlighting the importance of returning to the “regular order” of governing and criticized the use of Twitter fights and insults as an inappropriate way to conduct themselves as a great country. With her strong words, Clinton made it clear that she believes the current state of politics is not the way the country should behave.

Clinton’s criticism of Trump and the GOP is nothing new, but her passionate plea for a return to respectful, fact-based political discussions is worth considering. The divisiveness and personal attacks in politics have gone too far and are detrimental to the nation. It’s time for both parties to set aside their differences and find common ground on important issues for the betterment of the country.

Written by Staff Reports

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