Hillary’s NATO Panic: More Anti-Trump Fear-Mongering!

The critics of former President Donald Trump are at it again, spreading fear and panic about the world order if he were to beat President Joe Biden in this year’s election. They include the ever-present Hillary Clinton, who seems to have a knack for foreseeing global catastrophes whenever Trump is in the picture. According to Clinton, under Trump’s rule, the United States would have no choice but to resign from NATO. Oh, the horror!

In her warning at the Munich Security Conference, Clinton urged world leaders to take Trump’s words “literally and seriously.” Because, you know, Trump is known for being so straightforward and serious all the time. But hey, fear-mongering is Clinton’s forte, so why stop now?

Trump, being his usual blunt self, made it clear to his supporters that if NATO members aren’t paying their fair share, then the U.S. won’t be breaking a sweat to protect them. It’s simple math, folks. No pay, no play. But leave it to the naysayers to twist his words and make it seem like he’s the bad guy in this scenario. Classic.

Thankfully, Idaho Republican Sen. Jim Risch stepped in to set the record straight, pointing out that it would take a two-thirds vote in the United States Senate to actually withdraw from NATO. So basically, all the doomsday predictions are just hot air. But why let facts get in the way of a good anti-Trump narrative, right?

And let’s not forget Dutch Prime Minister Mark Rutte, who called out all the complainers and alarmists for their unproductive behavior. Instead of whining about Trump, Rutte smartly suggested that European leaders focus on beefing up their own defense capabilities. Now that’s some solid advice that the fear-mongers should take to heart. But hey, where’s the fun in that when you can just bash Trump instead? Priorities, people, priorities.

Written by Staff Reports

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