Hollywood Mogul Criticizes Biden for Withholding Weapons to Israel

Alrighty then, gather ’round folks, ’cause here’s a little tale ’bout a Hollywood big shot and a Democrat donor givin’ ol’ President Biden a good ol’ piece of his mind! Haim Saban, that Hollywood mogul fella, well, he ain’t too pleased with ol’ Joe for holdin’ back them weapons from Israel in their tussle with Hamas. Saban shot off an email to Biden’s aides, makin’ sure they knew just how sore he was about it.

Seems like Biden and Israel ain’t seein’ eye to eye on using them bombs, with Biden even sayin’ that Israel’s usin’ American weapons to harm innocent Palestinian folk. Well, that just ruffled Saban’s feathers real good! He even pointed out in that email that there’s more Jewish voters carin’ ’bout Israel than them Muslim voters carin’ ’bout Hamas. Ooh-wee, that’s a spicy meatball of a point right there! 


Saban, bein’ the big-time Democratic donor he is, ain’t shy ’bout speakin’ his mind, even raisin’ $4.5 million for Biden not too long ago. He’s all in a tizzy ’bout this decision, sayin’ it sends a bad, bad message to our pals in the region. And lemme tell ya, he ain’t holdin’ back on that email, practically beggin’ Biden to reconsider his decision.

Now, Saban ain’t one to mince words, that’s for sure! He’s makin’ it crystal clear that he ain’t happy ’bout this mess Biden’s stirred up. And with all them connections to the Clintons and whatnot, you better believe he’s got some weight to throw around in them Democratic circles.

So, there you have it, folks! Looks like this whole weapon withholdin’ drama got folks on both sides of the pond mighty riled up. Stay tuned to see how this here showdown unfolds!

Written by Staff Reports

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