House Democrats at War Over Biden’s Viability as Presidential Candidate

House Democrats have returned to Capitol Hill with a renewed focus on Joe Biden’s viability as a presidential candidate. The simmering tensions within the party have come to a boiling point following doubts raised about Biden’s ability to take on President Trump in the upcoming election.

Amidst speculations about Biden stepping down, the President himself has been resolute in his determination to stay in the race. A pivotal meeting, dubbed the “come-to-Jesus” session, saw a group of Democrats from swing districts engage in a heated discussion, with emotions running high and even tears being shed.

A lawmaker who was present described the meeting as intense, highlighting the unanimous sentiment that Biden should step aside. The divide among House Democrats was evident during the caucus meeting, with some staunchly defending Biden while others questioned his competency to compete against Trump. 


Despite the internal discord, Biden released a letter reaffirming his commitment to the race and emphasizing the need for party unity to defeat Trump. He cited his strong performance in state primaries as evidence of grassroots support and warned against any attempts to force him out of the race.

The resolve within the Democratic Party to rally behind Biden seems to be weakening, with reports of private meetings among House Democrats to address concerns about his candidacy. As the countdown to the election draws nearer, the party finds itself grappling with internal strife and uncertainties about the path forward.

Written by Staff Reports

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