House Dems Urge Biden to Step Down While Hakeem Jeffries Keeps Quiet

House Democratic Leader Hakeem Jeffries found himself in a hot seat during a recent call with ranking members, as more and more voices within the party clamored for President Joe Biden to exit the 2024 race. The pressure on Biden seems to be reaching a boiling point, with some Democrats openly advocating for a change in the presidential lineup.

While Jeffries played it close to the chest and refrained from revealing his stance on the matter, preferring to “listen” to dissenting voices within the caucus, other House members were not as hesitant to speak their minds. Reports indicate that a significant number of ranking members expressed their belief that Biden should step aside, citing concerns about the party’s chances of retaining the House majority and the overall impact on the Democratic ticket.

The sentiment among House Democrats appears to lean towards replacing Biden as the nominee, with key figures like Reps. Mark Takano, Adam Smith, Jim Himes, Joe Morelle, and Susan Wild reportedly in favor of a change. Conversely, Reps. Maxine Waters and Bobby Scott voiced their support for Biden on the call.

The underlying motivation behind the push for Biden to step aside seems to revolve more around political power and the fear of losing the House majority, rather than genuine concerns about Biden’s fitness for office. The prospect of Vice President Kamala Harris taking the lead as the nominee gained traction during the call, as Democrats grappled with the potential fallout of sticking with Biden.

As the situation evolves rapidly, with speculations about Biden’s future swirling, the fate of his candidacy hangs in the balance. Stay tuned for updates as RedState covers the latest developments in this Democratic upheaval.

Written by Staff Reports

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