House Republicans Criticize Biden Admin’s Role in Glock Lawsuit

House Republicans’ lead investigator expressed concerns that the Biden administration is working together with gun control supporters in a lawsuit against Glock Inc. over how criminals are changing its pistols. The city of Chicago and gun control group Everytown Law filed the lawsuit, claiming that Glock’s design makes it too easy to convert the handguns from semi-automatic to automatic, contributing to the city’s violence problem.

Chairman of the House Oversight Committee, Rep. James Comer, believes that rather than holding Glock responsible, the blame should be placed on the lack of stringent federal enforcement. He stated that the simple yet reliable design of Glock handguns has led to their widespread appeal to both law enforcement and civilians. Instead of aggressively prosecuting criminals, government agencies are allegedly collaborating with anti-gun groups to harm a legal firearm manufacturer in a well-regulated sales market.

In a letter to the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives (ATF), Mr. Comer requested information about any connections or assistance the agency provided to the plaintiffs and also asked for data on the ATF’s efforts to prosecute individuals who possess or use conversion devices on Glocks or other firearms.

The Kentucky Republican highlighted the popularity of Glocks among law enforcement and criticized the lawsuit for disregarding the role of federal law enforcement agencies in prosecuting criminals who violate federal statutes and local prosecutors who take a lenient approach to prosecutions.

Glock pistols have been increasingly associated with conversion devices in the news, with local authorities reporting an uptick in these devices at crime scenes, leading to shootings where numerous rounds are fired. In response, four U.S. attorneys in Texas announced a reward initiative for reporting individuals with conversion devices. The ATF reported a significant increase in confiscated conversion devices in Texas last year and seized 5,454 such devices nationwide from 2017 to 2021.

Despite the lawsuit’s claims, Rep. Comer emphasized the responsibility of federal law enforcement to aggressively pursue criminals who violate federal statutes. He argued that the lawsuit unfairly targets a legally operating firearm manufacturer for illegal modifications made by criminals after lawful sales, urging gun control advocates to focus on more appropriate targets for their concerns.

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