House Speaker Johnson Plans Major Anti-China Legislative Push Before 2025

House Speaker Mike Johnson has set his sights on a year-end legislative push to counter what he describes as a “China-led axis” hell-bent on dismantling the United States. During a recent address at the Hudson Institute, Johnson laid out the interconnected threats orchestrated by China and emphasized the urgency for a new breed of foreign policy defined by a “peace through strength” doctrine, drawing inspiration from none other than former President Donald Trump.

Highlighting a rogue’s gallery of regimes including Russia, Iran, North Korea, Venezuela, and even Cuba, Johnson underscored that, despite their varied cultures and individual sinister aims, these nations share a singular daily objective: to take down America. They are leveraging their military, technological, and financial clout to disrupt U.S. trade routes, pilfer technology, compromise troops, and destabilize the economy.

Faced with these multifaceted threats, Johnson called on Congress to deploy every available tool to combat China’s growing influence. The House is slated to vote on legislation designed to empower the next administration to deliver a painful economic blow to American adversaries right from Day One. This robust sanctions package aims to clamp down on Chinese military firms aiding Russia and Iran and may also restrict outbound investment into China, with hopes of passing this critical legislation before 2025.

Praising Trump’s foreign policy acumen, Johnson reminded listeners of the previous administration’s no-nonsense approach to adversaries, be it calling out Russia and China, enforcing oil sanctions on Iran, or orchestrating the Abraham Accords which redefined the Middle East’s diplomatic landscape. Unlike interventionist idealists or world policemen, Johnson asserted the GOP’s realist stance: when America is forced to fight, it fights without kid gloves.

Johnson’s strategy resonated well with the Hudson Institute crowd, which includes figures like Nikki Haley and former Rep. Mike Gallagher. Their presence underscores bipartisan concern over China’s status as America’s premier foreign threat, a preoccupation that won’t fade with the turn of the year.

Pushing for a united front, Johnson advocated for a U.S.-led, America First coalition that marries national security with the interests of working families and businesses on American soil. Finally, he envisioned a coalition robust enough to bridge Trump’s America First loyalists and Haley’s internationalist followers, aiming to create an alliance beneficial for all Americans.

Written by Staff Reports

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