Hunter Biden 2017 WeChat Message Raises New Questions About Joe Biden Ties

A recent revelation by the House Ways and Means Committee has shed light on a mysterious WeChat message thread from 2017 involving Hunter and James Biden. The thread had a shadowy figure referred to as “Dad,” stirring up curiosity about the Biden family dynamics. Apparently, the Chinese Communist Party keeps an eye on WeChat, adding a touch of international intrigue to the mix.

The contents of the message thread remain a secret, with key details redacted. However, what we do know is that “Dad” was calling the shots as the administrator. The topic of discussion centered around “Hunt/Jim,” hinting at the involvement of President Joe Biden’s kin. Interestingly, the message was linked to Hunter’s iPad, revealing a familial digital footprint. 


What makes this WeChat message so intriguing is its timing, dating back to December 19, 2017. This was right around the time when Joe Biden bid farewell to his role as vice president, coinciding with a surge in foreign business deals benefiting the Biden clan. The release of IRS whistleblower records, championed by the committee, has brought these eyebrow-raising revelations to the forefront.

Digging deeper into the document dump, connections emerge between Hunter Biden’s former confidant, Kevin Morris, and the CIA. The Department of Justice’s supposed inability to grill Morris as a witness, citing CIA interference, adds a cloak-and-dagger element to the saga. Questions raised by Sean Davis from the Federalist about Hunter’s mysterious benefactors being linked to espionage add a touch of spy novel suspense to the narrative.

Allegations of Hunter Biden misleading Congress during a closed-door session add a layer of deceit to the unfolding drama. As House investigators continue their scrutiny of the Biden family, financial trails lead back to Joe Biden himself, implicating a web of payments involving his relatives, including grandchildren. The story gets murkier with each twist and turn, pointing to a labyrinth of questionable dealings.


Written by Staff Reports

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