Hunter Biden Faces Gun Charges, Court Denies Dismissal Request

Hunter Biden, the son of President Joe Biden, is facing more legal trouble on top of previous charges for felony tax evasion. This time, it’s about a firearm he bought in Delaware in 2018. Despite trying to have the charges dropped, a court denied his request. It all started when Hunter Biden got a .38 caliber gun in Wilmington and said he didn’t use drugs, even though he was known to have struggled with crack cocaine.

According to the news, people who use drugs or have been convicted of felonies shouldn’t have guns under federal law. Hunter was indicted when a judge chosen by former President Trump didn’t agree to a deal made last year. His lawyer says the deal still stands and he shouldn’t be prosecuted. The lawyer also says the case is unfair and politically driven by a special counsel appointed by Trump, who is now in charge of the case. Hunter Biden’s defense also claims that the charges are exaggerated and not based on the law but on attacking him because of his family name.

The appeals court, made up of three judges, decided not to drop the charges against Hunter Biden. This means the case will move forward, and Hunter may face trial unless he can appeal successfully. His lawyer says they will review the decision and ask for further consideration. This legal mess for Hunter Biden continues, and it’s yet another example of a powerful person thinking they can escape the consequences of their actions just because of who they are related to. It’s important that everyone, no matter their family or connections, follows the law and faces the music when they break it.

Written by Staff Reports

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