Hunter Biden Pal Stiffs NY Designer $4M in China Biz Drama

In a story that sounds like a plot twist ripped straight from a spy movie, a former business partner of Hunter Biden has found himself in hot water for allegedly stiffing a New York designer out of more than $4 million. That’s a lot of lemonade stands worth of money!

Jacob Barton is on a quest to wrangle in a whopping $5.7 million from the son of a billionaire Chinese real estate magnate, Bo Zhang. The cash was supposed to be paid as part of a deal to create cool sports gaming centers in China. But it seems like someone forgot their part of the bargain! Slippery snakes, these business folks can be, huh?

Adding to the drama, a key player in this whole ordeal is a close bud of then-Vice President Joe Biden. The gentleman in question, Francis “Fran” Person, was a top advisor from the past. Talk about a tangled web of connections – it’s like a political soap opera playing out right in front of us!

Now, if you thought this was just your regular business dispute, think again! We’ve got top dogs in the Biden family tree chipping in with their two cents. Jill Biden refers to Person as “like a son” to her and Joe. Family drama, a sprinkle of political power, and a pinch of business shadiness – it’s a recipe for a blockbuster movie, folks!

But the real kicker? Despite all the smoke and mirrors, it seems like the Bidens always manage to stay off the firing line. Is it their political clout or just some good ol’ luck shielding them? Who knows, but one thing’s for sure – where there’s a Biden, there’s usually a blurry line between legitimate business dealings and, well, let’s call it “questionable” practices. Raise your hand if you’re not surprised!

Written by Staff Reports

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