Hunter Biden Probe: GOP Chiefs Slam Stonewalling by DOJ!

The chairmen of the House Ways and Means, Judiciary, and Oversight committees are “concerned” that the Department of Justice is limiting an investigation into allegations made by two IRS whistleblowers about Hunter Biden’s criminal case. These brave whistleblowers, Gary Shapley and Joseph Ziegler, worked on the Hunter Biden investigation and testified before the House Oversight Committee that the DOJ obstructed the investigation.

According to the whistleblowers, the Department of Justice purposely delayed the investigation, allowed the statute of limitations to expire on some charges, prevented them from interviewing Hunter Biden and his adult children, and rejected a request for special counsel status. The brave agents claimed that once they started speaking up about these concerns, they were removed from the case and faced negative consequences in their careers. This is a clear case of whistleblower retaliation and raises serious questions about the government’s commitment to justice.

The chairmen of these committees are rightly alarmed by these revelations and have sent a letter to DOJ Inspector General Michael Horowitz, demanding more information about the status of the investigation. They want to know if there are any limitations on the inspector general’s ability to fully investigate these disclosures. It is crucial that this investigation be transparent and thorough, as it pertains to the son of the President of the United States and potentially implicates the President himself.

It is disappointing but not surprising that the DOJ may be hindering this investigation. It seems that the department is more interested in protecting the President’s son than ensuring justice is served. The chairmen are right to hold the department accountable and demand answers. This case highlights the need for a fair and impartial justice system that is not influenced by political motivations. The American people deserve the truth, and it is the duty of the DOJ to uncover it.

Written by Staff Reports

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