Hunter Biden Skirts Fraud Charges Using VP Dad’s Influence, Probe Finds

Hunter Biden has pulled the ultimate “dad card” move during the Obama administration, using his father Joe Biden’s vice-presidential clout to evade securities fraud charges, according to recent revelations from House investigators. The tangled web of deceit centers around a scheme that defrauded a Native American tribe and public investors of tens of millions of dollars. While several of Hunter’s associates faced the music – including prison sentences and hefty fines – Hunter himself walked away unscathed. If there ever was a prime example of liberal privilege, this is it.

Jason Galanis, one of Hunter’s former cronies and a key figure in this financial debacle, spilled the beans to the House investigators. He revealed that federal prosecutors had zero interest in any dirt on Hunter Biden, despite his involvement through his shell company, Rosemont Seneca Bohai. One can’t help but wonder why a bunch of prosecutors who were supposed to bring justice to those wronged investors decided to play favorites. The answer likely ties back to Hunter’s old man sitting comfortably in the vice-presidential seat.

Lawmakers are now drilling down on a particular letter from Hunter Biden’s lawyer to the SEC. The letter responded to an SEC subpoena demanding Hunter hand over documents concerning Rosemont Seneca Bohai. Rather than complying with humility, Hunter’s lawyer had the gall to emphasize the “confidential nature” of the investigation, hinting that it would be “unfair” to expose the vice president’s son to media scrutiny. Only in the Democrat playbook is the law something to be dodged with a strongly-worded letter and a reference to one’s powerful father.

In the midst of all this, it’s clear that Hunter Biden’s name was dropped from the SEC’s charge list like a hot potato. Seven other folks involved in the scheme were hauled off to court and faced securities fraud violations. Jason Galanis and his co-conspirator, Devon Archer, received prison sentences and hefty fines. But Hunter? Not a scratch. Lawmakers, particularly Republicans like James Comer and Jim Jordan, are crying foul and seeking details from SEC Chair Gary Gensler. Their suspicion is simple: Hunter used Daddy Biden’s shield to dodge bullets.

Then there’s the story of Galanis’s attempted whistleblowing. From his prison cell, Galanis told investigators that he offered U.S. prosecutors more information implicating Hunter Biden, but their response was crickets. Instead, they seemed content to seal the Hatch while letting the slippery fish swim free. Galanis even tried alerting the Justice Department post-2020 election, hoping for clemency and shedding light on Hunter’s involvement. Spoiler alert: it didn’t work, and surprise, Galanis remains behind bars.

Hunter Biden, ever the charmer, denies any wrongdoing in the tribal bond scheme. He tried to play the innocent bystander card, claiming zero authority or control over Rosemont Seneca Bohai. Yet, lawmakers don’t buy his story. They’ve come armed with documents showing Hunter’s active role and beneficial ownership in the company. With an ongoing impeachment inquiry into President Biden’s involvement and a slew of other felonies dangling like damning ornaments on a Christmas tree, Hunter might finally face the music. That is if the chorus isn’t drowned out by another wave of liberal privilege.

Written by Staff Reports

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