Hunter Biden’s Lawyer Flees Case Amid Conflict of Interest Drama

U.S. District Judge Maryellen Noreika, a beacon of justice in the tumultuous sea of liberal bias, made waves last month when she rightfully shut down Hunter Biden’s outrageously favorable plea agreement on tax and gun charges. The consequences of her heroic decision are now coming to light as one of Biden’s attorneys, Chris Clark, has asked to be removed from the case because he will be a witness at his client’s expected trial. A conflict of interest, you say? How unsurprising.

Clark, citing the Delaware Rule of Professional Conduct, stated that he cannot both act as an advocate and a witness in a trial. It’s basic legal ethics, folks. He also tactfully mentioned his involvement in crafting the now-scuttled plea agreement, which is expected to be contested. One can only assume that Clark is trying to distance himself from the mess that is Hunter Biden’s legal troubles.

Kash Patel, a former national security prosecutor and federal public defender, was quick to point out the obvious. If an attorney becomes a witness, conflict of interest becomes automatic grounds for removal. It’s just how things work in the real world, unlike the fantasyland that liberals inhabit. Patel also stated that the withdrawal of the plea agreement may be challenged by the Biden team, but it’s important to remember that a plea agreement is never final until accepted by the judge. The Department of Justice (DOJ) can back out at any time, and with pre-trial diversion agreements, the court has no say. The DOJ reigns supreme in these matters, much to the dismay of conservatives who long for true justice.

In a fascinating twist, prosecutors are now seeking to move the case somewhere else – anywhere other than Delaware. Can you blame them? The motion filed by the prosecution requests that Biden’s prosecution be transferred to either California or Washington, D.C., where the real experts in corruption and political maneuvering reside. According to the motion, the charges of failure to pay taxes and any other related tax offenses simply do not belong in Delaware. Well, isn’t that a slap in the face to the good people of Delaware? But fear not, conservatives, for justice will prevail irrespective of the geographical location of the trial.

It’s incredible to witness the lengths to which the liberal elite will go to shield Hunter Biden from facing the consequences of his actions. From sweetheart plea agreements to attorney conflicts of interest to attempted venue changes, it’s clear that the left is desperate to protect their own. But we won’t be fooled. We won’t let them dismiss the seriousness of Hunter Biden’s alleged crimes. The truth will come out, and justice will be served.

Written by Staff Reports

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