Hunter Biden’s Missing Gun Resurfaces in Trial After Six-Year Mystery

Hunter Biden, son of former Vice President Joe Biden, had his missing revolver reappear at his gun trial after six years. The FBI investigated the missing firearm, which had been discarded in a Delaware dumpster.

Text messages from Hunter revealed a contradiction in the Secret Service's statement. The agency claimed no involvement in the incident where Hunter's ex-lover, Hallie Biden, found the gun in his pickup truck and disposed of it in a trash can behind a grocery store. However, Hunter’s messages mentioned the police, the FBI, and the Secret Service showing up at the scene. 


During the court proceedings, Justice Department prosecutors presented the weapon to the jury, along with testimony from Gordon Cleveland, the former gun shop employee who sold the gun to Hunter. Cleveland confirmed the gun's authenticity and discussed Hunter’s purchase, advising him to carefully fill out the required federal form. Hunter had marked “no” on the question about using illegal drugs, despite being addicted to crack at the time. Photos from Hunter’s laptop indicated otherwise.

Hunter is facing charges for false statements in purchasing a firearm, possession of a gun while being a drug user, and lying about information that a federal firearms dealer needs to record. The trial continues with Cleveland’s testimony providing key insights into the case.

Written by Staff Reports

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