Hunter Biden’s Prostitute Tax Scandal: DOJ Shields the Elite

The Hunter Biden scandal seems to only get more disturbing as new revelations come to light. The Department of Justice (DOJ) allegedly scuttled an open-and-shut case against Biden regarding suspected tax fraud. According to IRS whistleblowers, one of the issues they discovered related to Hunter’s expenses on prostitutes being deducted on his taxes.

These tax deductions were not minor expenses, rather, tens of thousands of dollars for a prostitute and a sex club were being written off as business expenses. Although there’s no mention of prostitution on federal tax forms, the Biden team tried to pass off these payments as “golf club memberships” and claimed that the prostitutes were employees of Hunter Biden’s company. These deductions were taken in 2018, a year covered under Biden’s plea deal with federal prosecutors.

While many may question the legality of normalising the use of prostitution, this case is particularly distressing given the alleged use of minors. Some of the women in question were not local and, in one case, crossed state lines to work as prostitutes for Hunter Biden. Thus, the alleged tax-dodging is possibly only the tip of the iceberg, as this could also run afoul of federal sex-trafficking laws.

The DOJ was reportedly presented with a case that had more concrete evidence than the recent charges Devin Nunes faced, which shows the clear double standard and politicised justice system. The whistleblowers assert that their case against Hunter was so strong that anyone without any political connections would have been charged with the full extent of the law.

Nevertheless, DOJ officials seemed to intervene on Hunter Biden’s behalf, even going so far as to tip off his lawyers on several occasions. The Biden family has a long history of using their political connections to evade accountability for their actions, and it seems that this is yet another example of how deep-seated their corruption runs.

Source: Red State

Written by Staff Reports

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