Hunter in the Hot Seat: Contempt Charge Amplifies Biden Drama

The drama unfolded on Wednesday as a circus-like showdown took place during a hearing to hold Hunter Biden in contempt for dodging a subpoena to spill the beans about his shady business dealings. The House Judiciary and Oversight Committees, clearly fed up with Hunter’s evasion tactics, quickly pushed through resolutions to slap him with a contempt charge, much to the chagrin of Joe Biden’s beleaguered administration.

The resolution from the Oversight Committee made it crystal clear that Hunter Biden was not going to get away with his blatant defiance of Congress. The committee wasted no time in recommending Hunter be found in contempt and even went so far as to call upon the Speaker of the House to take the necessary steps to enforce the subpoena.

Despite all these efforts, the reality of the situation still looms large. The dark cloud of uncertainty hovers as Congress might refer the call for criminal contempt charges to the U.S. Attorney’s office for prosecution, but there’s no guarantee that the U.S. Attorney General, Merrick Garland, a close ally to President Biden, will take any action. It’s a classic case of potential conflict of interest at play.

To add fuel to the fire, a joint report delving into Hunter Biden’s suspicious business deals hinted at something much more ominous — the likelihood that President Biden was aware and maybe even involved in shady lobbying efforts for foreign companies that have gotten Hunter in hot water. The report also dropped the bombshell possibility that Hunter could be charged with failing to register as a foreign agent. The plot thickens.

If that wasn’t enough, the report suggested that President Biden may have pocketed a hefty $40,000 payment from Hunter’s questionable activities. This all took place during Biden’s stint as vice president, a time when Hunter and his business buddies allegedly used their political connections to lure in foreign companies like Burisma to ink multi-million dollar deals.

House Speaker Mike Johnson vowed to ramp up the impeachment inquiry into President Biden, citing Hunter’s shady dealings as part of the ammunition. It’s clear that the Republicans mean business and are eager to expose the potential skeletons in the Biden family closet. And with the Democrats almost certainly going to put up a fight, the political theater is only going to get more intense from here on out.

Written by Staff Reports

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