Hunter’s Lies Unravel: Biden’s China Cash Caught in Delaware

In yet another display of the desperate propaganda machine of Joe Biden’s spin artists, their latest spin has unraveled faster than a poorly knit sweater. Hunter Biden’s lawyers have been caught in a web of lies, as court documents reveal that while he received bank wires from China at his father’s home in Delaware, he was actually living in sunny California. Try as they might to cover up the truth, the facts don’t lie.

The wires in question are particularly significant because they directly link to Joe Biden himself. Unlike previous transfers that were conveniently disguised through shell companies, these wires were sent straight to Hunter Biden’s father’s home. It’s no wonder Republican James Comer (Ky.) has raised an eyebrow at the situation.

Hunter’s lawyer, Abbe Lowell, attempted to play off the money as a loan against Hunter’s stake in BHR, a feeble excuse at best. He claimed that the checks accurately listed Hunter’s permanent address as his parents’ Delaware home, but evidence suggests otherwise. Hunter’s own memoir, “Beautiful Things,” clearly states that he was living in the Golden State at the time. Nice try, but the truth always comes out.

Of course, there are conflicting reports regarding Hunter Biden’s living arrangements. While some suggest he was residing with his father after his divorce, it’s hard to ignore the infamous 2017 photo of Hunter in his father’s Corvette with two women. Not to mention the threatening text message he sent to a Chinese business associate on that same day, mentioning none other than Joe Biden. It seems like Hunter was quite comfortable peddling his father’s brand overseas, with Joe himself even speaking directly with his son’s business partners. The evidence suggests a tangled financial relationship that the White House, Democrats, and the media conveniently brush aside as baseless allegations.

They have the audacity to claim there is “no evidence” linking Biden to his son’s business deals, despite the abundance of texts, emails, and bank records that paint a different picture. Hunter even listed his father’s residence on his driver’s license and personal credit card. And let’s not forget his complaints about paying his father’s bills. In a newly released text, Hunter explicitly states that he has run out of money and will need his father’s help to pay his alimony. It seems the Biden family had a mutually beneficial arrangement, with Hunter depending on his father to foot the bill. How convenient.

As always, the White House dismisses any investigation into the matter as a baseless witch hunt. But the facts speak for themselves. The truth will continue to rise to the surface, no matter how hard the spin artists try to keep it buried. Joe Biden’s proximity to his son’s questionable dealings is becoming harder and harder to ignore. It’s about time the American people demand accountability from their leaders, rather than blindly accepting political spin.

Written by Staff Reports

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