Hur’s Report No Savior for Biden, Critics Concerned

In the latest twist in the ongoing drama surrounding President Joe Biden, former federal prosecutor Andy McCarthy made waves by asserting that special counsel Robert Hur’s report and testimony do not clear Biden’s name. While Hur did not bring formal charges against the president, McCarthy pointed out that this does not equate to an exoneration. In fact, McCarthy suggested that a reasonable juror could have found Biden guilty based on the evidence presented.

It’s clear that the bias against Biden runs deep. McCarthy emphasized that prosecutors do not give a clean slate to individuals; rather, they assess the evidence to determine if there is enough to secure a conviction. In this case, Hur’s findings may not have been enough to meet the high bar of proof, but it does not mean Biden is off the hook in the court of public opinion.

Furthermore, Biden’s memory lapses and gaffes have provided fodder for conservative critics. From forgetting the date of his son’s passing to claiming conversations with deceased world leaders, Biden’s mental acuity has come under scrutiny. The president’s multiple falls and stumbles have also raised concerns about his physical fitness for office.

For a man holding the highest office in the land, Biden’s lapses in memory and physical mishaps are troubling. As a conservative observer, it’s hard to ignore the cascade of incidents that paint a picture of a president who may not be up to the task. The fact that Hur’s report did not result in charges does not erase the doubts that have been cast on Biden’s competence and credibility.

Written by Staff Reports

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