IDF Finds Bodies of Hostages Killed by Hamas as Biden Admin Opposes Rafah Operations

The Israeli Defense Forces found the bodies of three Israelis who were taken hostage and killed by Hamas from tunnels in Rafah. The hostages, Amit Buskila, Shani Louk, and Yitzhak Gelernter, were cruelly abducted from the Nova Music Festival by the terrorists and tragically murdered. The IDF has restated its dedication to bringing all the hostages back home as it works to eliminate the final Hamas stronghold in Rafah, in spite of opposition from the Biden administration.

Amit Buskila made a heartbreaking last call to her family as the Hamas invasion and massacre unfolded on October 7. The horrifying attack led to the deaths of more Jews in a single day than any other since the Holocaust. This atrocity sparked a seven-month long war, as Hamas fights to survive and carry on with their terror attacks against innocent Israelis in their ultimate goal of destroying Israel.

The IDF’s recovery of the bodies of the hostages is an important step in seeking justice for the victims and their families. The ongoing efforts to bring all the hostages back home demonstrate the unwavering commitment of the Israeli Defense Forces to protecting its citizens from the threats posed by terrorist organizations like Hamas.

Written by Staff Reports

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