Imprisoned or Not, New Hampshire GOP Bets Big on Trump!

According to a recent poll conducted by the NH Journal and co-efficient, Donald Trump continues to hold the support of the Republican voters in New Hampshire. Despite the various legal challenges he has faced, the former president is still popular among the state's voters.

Trump has maintained his position as the top candidate in both New Hampshire and national polls since he was first indicted in April. He currently has the support of over 40% of the state's Republican primary voters. Despite the recent drop in his approval ratings, he still leads the other Republican candidates by a considerable margin.

It's surprising that a significant number of voters, 62%, would still support Trump even if he's been convicted of a crime. Moreover, over 50% of the respondents said they would still vote for him even if he were incarcerated.

The poll also revealed that only 25% of the Republican primary voters believe that Trump broke the law when he allegedly caused the US Capitol riot on January 6. The other 75% believe that he's innocent and are supporting him.

Experts are amazed by the loyalty that Trump's supporters have shown him. Ryan Munce, a co-efficient CEO, noted that there are only a few political figures in the country who can match his level of support. From a conservative viewpoint, it's clear that Trump's supporters have a special connection with him.

Despite the impressive support that Trump's supporters have shown him, it's important to keep in mind that he still has a long way to go before he can secure the majority of the Republican primary voters. Jim Merrill, a Republican strategist, noted that the other candidates are still in a very strong position.

Despite the various predictions that Donald Trump's support in New Hampshire is dwindling, it's still clear that the state's Republican voters are still sticking with him. According to Michael Graham of the New Hampshire Journal, the voters still have plenty of positive things to say about the other candidates, but they're still sticking with him. With their steadfast loyalty, it's hard to ignore how influential he has been on the Republican Party in the state.

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