Iowa GOP Embraces Trump Chaos, Dems Cling to Aging Biden

The results from Iowa and the anticipated results from New Hampshire spell out big trouble for the motivated voters of both parties, and boy are they in for a doozy! The GOP voters, in their infinite wisdom, are throwing their support behind former President Donald Trump, despite all the mess he’s caused. He’s surrendered to the health bureaucrats, lost to President Joe Biden, and basically led the GOP to a massive defeat in Congress. And to top it off, he’s facing a whole heap of legal trouble. But of course, that didn’t stop GOP voters in Iowa from rallying behind him, setting him up for a clear path to the nomination, even though he’s the weakest nominee they could choose.

But hold onto your hats because the masochism doesn’t stop there! The Democratic voters are gearing up to hand Biden a primary victory in New Hampshire, even though he’s 81 years old and wildly unpopular. It’s like they’re choosing the hardest path possible for themselves! And get this, Biden doesn’t even think the New Hampshire primary is legit, and the DNC agrees! They’ve basically written it off, but the die-hard New Hampshire Democrats are still planning to give Biden a symbolic victory. Talk about commitment to an unpopular 81-year-old leader!

It’s a real head-scratcher, folks. The most dedicated voters in both parties seem to be all about sticking with their old, unpopular candidates, despite all the warning signs that show just how much the swing voters who decide elections can’t stand them. Both parties seem bent on making this election way more difficult than it needs to be. If one of them loses in 2024, they’ll have no one to blame but themselves!

Written by Staff Reports

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