Jean-Pierre Flusters Under Fire for Biden’s Abortion Extremism

Karine Jean-Pierre, who works for Joe Biden, had a tough time when she was asked simple questions about Biden’s pro-choice views by a reporter from EWTN. The reporter, Toby Capion, asked straightforward questions, but Karine got all flustered and couldn’t handle it. She stumbled and bumbled her way through the exchange, avoiding the questions and trying to spin Biden’s extreme pro-choice stance as something it’s not.

It was clear to everyone watching that Karine was struggling to defend Biden’s radical pro-abortion ideology. She seemed unable to provide any logical or reasonable explanations for Biden’s pro-death views, resorting to dodge, deflect, and deceive instead. The EWTN reporter did a great job exposing Joe Biden’s radical stance on the sanctity of life, and Karine’s inability to give a straight answer only made it more obvious.

It’s no surprise that a representative for Joe Biden would struggle to defend his extreme pro-choice position. It’s hard for anyone to justify support for such a radical and inhumane stance. This exchange just goes to show that the Biden administration is out of touch with the values of everyday Americans, and they can’t even handle basic questions about their destructive pro-abortion policies.

Written by Staff Reports

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