Jeb Bush Backs Ron DeSantis: “He’ll Make Florida Great”

Jeb Bush, the former presidential candidate, has recently re-entered the political arena with his endorsement of Florida Governor Ron DeSantis. Bush appeared on a Fox Nation special and discussed DeSantis and the 2024 presidential race. He praised DeSantis for his response to Covid and natural disasters, particularly Hurricane Ian, and argued that he would be an excellent pick for the 2024 race. Bush noted that DeSantis is young, has been outside of Washington, and has governed effectively. He believes that DeSantis could be a model for the future of our country.

The number of Republicans In Name Only (RINOs) endorsing Florida Governor DeSantis is increasing, with Bush being the latest addition. Governor DeSantis’s supporter, Paul Ryan, has declared that he will not participate in the RNC if Trump is the nominee. Additionally, Ken Griffin, a GOP megadonor who is a hedge fund oligarch, also favors DeSantis and wants the party to stop engaging in culture wars and revert to being advocates for Big Business and the Chamber of Commerce.

Despite being endorsed by Bush and other Republicans in Name Only (RINOs), recent polls indicate that Trump continues to have a significant lead in the 2024 primary race. This may be attributed to Trump’s ability to sustain a robust base of support among Republican voters. Moreover, Trump’s adherents perceive him as a defender of conservative principles and policies, which likely accounts for their unwavering allegiance.

The endorsements of Jeb Bush and other RINOs may be seen as a sign that the GOP is shifting away from Trump and towards a more traditional Republican platform. However, it remains to be seen if this shift will be enough to sway Republican voters away from Trump in 2024. It is clear that Trump still has a strong base of support among Republican voters, and it will likely take more than endorsements from RINOs to convince them to switch their allegiance in the upcoming election.

Source: Trending Politics

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