Jimmy Fallon Skewers Biden in Surprising Late-Night Segment

Late-night television has long been a safe space for Democrats, with hosts like Jimmy Fallon showering praise on the likes of Biden, Obama, and Clinton while taking jabs at former President Trump. However, a recent segment on “The Tonight Show” raised eyebrows as Fallon, known for his typical liberal leanings, portrayed Biden in a less than flattering light.

In the skit, Fallon as Biden engaged in a humorous phone conversation with a faux Obama, poking fun at Biden’s recent media appearance and debate performance. While the bit was undoubtedly meant for laughs, the underlying message was clear: even late-night hosts are starting to question Biden’s ability to lead as commander-in-chief.

The timing of Fallon’s segment, coming at a crucial juncture in Biden’s presidency, suggests a growing unease among the media about his chances against Trump in the upcoming election. While some networks like MSNBC continue to champion Biden, others seem to be hedging their bets and signaling that a change in the Democratic nominee might be necessary for victory.

Fallon’s willingness to mock Biden stands in stark contrast to his usual approach of targeting Trump. It hints at a possible shift in the late-night landscape, where hosts may no longer feel constrained to only skewer one side of the political aisle. However, it remains to be seen whether this signals a broader trend or if Fallon’s segment was merely a one-time deviation from the norm of liberal late-night comedy.

Written by Staff Reports

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