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Job Numbers: What Joe Biden is Hiding from You!

When the Biden administration presented data on jobs earlier this month, they failed to address a critical problem that VDARE identifies as immigration. It appears that no one else is aware of it except for

Since the federal government does not differentiate between legal and illegal immigrants in terms of employment opportunities, the job market in March was quite favourable for immigrants, regardless of whether they were in the country legally or not.

In the month of March, the increase in the immigrant labour force was more than the growth in employment.

The Payroll Survey indicated that the economy added 431,000 jobs in March, which resulted in a decrease in the unemployment rate to 3.6 percent, which was lower than what was anticipated. At this moment, the nation’s unemployment rate is only one point higher than the all-time low of 3.5 percent, which was recorded in February 2020, at the height of Trump’s presidency. In addition, the percentage of people actively participating in the labour force is still one percentage point fewer than it was before the outbreak.

The Bureau of Labor Statistics, the Payroll Survey, and the Household Survey all provide only part of the picture. They omit to say who was offered and accepted the employment.

Even illegal immigrants are able to find work in the United States.
Immigration (with a particular focus on illegal immigration) is responsible for the job gap, which in turn keeps wages low.

It will take some time, but eventually, American workers will be replaced by workers from other countries. Edwin Rubenstein of VDARE asserts that the enormous numbers will also result in the displacement of votes cast in the United States. This is what the replacement theory entails, to put it another way. It is not merely a hypothesis; rather, it is a proven fact. Because of how the Democrats have managed the influx of illegal immigrants, our views, our finances, and our politics have all been affected by demographic shifts.

The numbers include immigrants, which can be found below.
According to the New VDARE American Worker Displacement Index, there was a decrease in the ratio of immigrant to native-born employment growth indexes in the month of March (NVDAWDI).

Despite this, the number of people of foreign birth who are of working age increased by 1.4 million for the ninth month in a row in March, with 986,000 immigrants being reported as being unemployed.

In other words, the expansion of jobs available to immigrant workers significantly surpassed the growth of jobs available according to the Payroll Survey (431,000) or the Household Survey (431,000). (736,000).

Absolute values are depicted in the charts available on VDARE. According to one of the charts that was included in their report, the number of working immigrants increased by 1.397 million between March 2021 and March of this year. The similar gains for the month of January were 1.538 million, and for the month of February, they were 1.345 million.

It looked that President Trump’s policies were successful in discouraging illegal immigration during the most of the president’s final year in office.

It wasn’t until December 2020 that the outcome of the elections sparked a fresh invasion, which is why the working-age immigrant population didn’t start growing again until then.

Another sign of displacement, the percentage of immigrants working in total employment, fell somewhat this month but is still quite close to the record high it reached in April of 2018. According to the findings of a study conducted by VDARE in March, foreigners held 17.819 percent of all occupations.

We give preference to legal immigration, yet a significant number of these occupations are filled by illegal individuals who have no business being in the country.

If there isn’t another significant upheaval in the political climate, the immigrant percentage of the population will get back on track with the increasing path it’s been on since the Obama administration.

In the month of March, there were 158.4 million individuals working in the United States. Every one percent rise in the number of immigrants working in the United States shows a shift of 1.58 million jobs away from native-born Americans and toward immigrants.

The rush of people named Biden trying to cross the southern border naturally continues. Both corporations and Democrats are looking for ways to reduce the cost of labour reported by Independents Sentinel.

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