Joe Rogan Drops 2024 BOMBSHELL

In a recent statement, Joe Rogan, the renowned podcast host, explained why he prefers to vote for President Donald Trump instead of Joe Biden in the forthcoming election. Rogan highlighted the Biden administration's questionable choice of Sam Brinton, a former White House Energy Department official who was accused of stealing women's clothing from airports earlier this year, as an example of their absurdity. He further claimed that the Biden administration has prioritized "wokeism" and political correctness over appointing qualified individuals to their cabinet and is thus not on the right path.

As former White House physician Rep. Ronny Jackson (R-TX) raises concern over Biden's cognitive decline and its potential to lead the United States and the world into a war, Joe Rogan's remarks coincide with this issue. Jackson has urged the White House to disclose information on Biden's cognitive state, but the mainstream media appears to be disregarding this matter, even as it poses a threat to the global community.

It's evident that Joe Biden is unfit to govern the United States of America due to his cognitive decline, which is a significant concern that demands serious attention. Biden's apparent preference for appointing individuals to his cabinet based on "wokeism" and political correctness, rather than their capability to fulfill their duties, raises a significant red flag. It's not surprising that Joe Rogan would prefer to vote for Trump in the upcoming election, given these issues.

Donald Trump, as the President, has demonstrated his leadership skills by prioritizing the well-being of America. He has successfully managed the COVID-19 pandemic and accomplished trade deals with other nations. Additionally, he has been triumphant in generating employment opportunities and bolstering the economy. In contrast, Joe Biden has not presented any viable solutions to the present-day issues confronting America.

Americans must take a decisive stand and prevent Joe Biden from assuming the presidency of the United States. Joe Rogan's remarks serve as a stark reminder of why it's critical to vote for President Donald Trump in the forthcoming election. The destiny of our nation is on the line, and we must ensure that we elect a leader who prioritizes America's interests and safeguards our liberties.

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