Joe Rogan Slams Trump’s Guilty Verdict as a Sham and Warns of Biden Administration Corruption

In the recent trial against former President Donald Trump, the media has been quick to label him as a convicted felon. However, many people believe this trial was nothing more than a sham, and the guilty verdict has had little impact on the public’s view of Trump. Critics have pointed out that the charges against Trump were flimsy at best, and even CNN’s senior legal analyst has called into question the basis for the charges.

Popular podcaster Joe Rogan, who does not align himself with the conservative movement, has also criticized the trial, warning that the Biden administration’s actions are exposing the corruption within the system. Rogan highlighted the fact that the charges against Trump are minuscule compared to the alleged war crimes committed by previous administrations. This sentiment has added to the growing belief that the trial against Trump was politically motivated and unjust. 


It’s worth noting that the hush money payments that Trump was charged with are not illegal in and of themselves. Even CNN has acknowledged that the Democrats’ case hinges on the “other crime” aspect of the paperwork, which was not clearly defined until the jury instructions.

Rogan’s commentary reflects the sentiment of many who believe that the guilty verdict was unjust and sets a dangerous precedent for future political trials. He, along with others, has voiced concerns that the trial resembles actions taken in a “banana republic,” indicating a corrupt and politically motivated legal system. Despite not being a staunch Trump supporter, Rogan’s remarks echo the growing sentiment that the trial against Trump was a farce and is unlikely to impact his political future.

Written by Staff Reports

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