Johnson Calls Fed Crybabies to Carpet for Protest Walkout

A bunch of high-and-mighty congressional staffers decided to stage a big ol’ protest against Speaker Mike Johnson, the cool cat from Louisiana, after he called for the heads of those federal workers who dared to walk out in protest of the war between Israel and the mean ol’ terrorist group Hamas. The staffers thought they could just strut around with their signs and fancy words, like they’re some kind of big shots, but Johnson wasn’t having any of it.

These so-called “Feds United For Peace” folks got their feathers all ruffled and declared a ‘Day of Mourning’ to show how sad they were about the war. Well, Johnson didn’t take too kindly to their shenanigans and said those federal workers who joined in on the pity party should be kicked to the curb. And you know what? He’s right! Ain’t nobody got time for federal workers skipping out on their jobs to cry about stuff.

The bigwigs at the Congressional Staff for a Ceasefire Now group really thought they were something special when they decided to join in on the ‘Day of Mourning.’ They thought they could just wag their fingers at Johnson and his crew, but they were in for a rude awakening. Johnson wasn’t about to let them off the hook that easy! He took to X (formerly known as Twitter) to let everybody know that those crybabies deserved to get the boot. He even teamed up with Oversight Chairman Comer to make sure those troublemakers faced the consequences. You go, Johnson!

Those smarty-pants staffers had the nerve to call Johnson’s idea “absurd” and claim he didn’t have the support of his own crew. They thought they could outsmart ol’ Johnson, but they had another thing coming! They spouted off a bunch of fancy talk about being “united as one” and “speaking with one voice,” but it was all just a bunch of baloney. They can flap their gums all they want, but Johnson ain’t budging. He’s gonna keep fighting for what’s right and telling it like it is, whether they like it or not!

Written by Staff Reports

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