Joy Behar Makes DISGUSTING Smear Against Herschel Walker

The hosts of ABC’s "The View" criticized Georgia Senate candidate Herschel Walker on Thursday, suggesting that he might have suffered from brain damage.

The hosts then pivoted from their original criticism of Walker to a joke about whether or not he had cognitive issues. They noted that people had criticized John Fetterman, the Democratic candidate for Senate in Pennsylvania who suffered a stroke in May.

The hosts of "The View" defended Fetterman, saying that it was the NBC anchor who conducted the interview, Dasha Burns, who had caused the issue. Hostin also argued that Burns should have refrained from making any statements that could imply that Fetterman was having a hard time understanding their conversation. She additionally defended Fetterman's use of closed captioning, which she says she does to help people with difficult accents.

Joy Behar then made a pivot, asking what makes Republicans think that Walker is competent and hasn't had a stroke. Host Sunny Hostin agreed, and the audience and the cohosts started to laugh.

The above article is a summary of a report by The DailyWire. Photo Credit: Nick Step

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