Joy Reid Says The Right Are Afraid Of American History In Insane Rant

On Monday, Joy Reid of NBC News claimed that conservatives don't want Americans to learn about the country's history. She also stated that certain white Americans enjoy full citizenship benefits.

In a statement, Reid criticized Florida Governor Ron DeSantis for rejecting a course that would have taught African-American studies. DeSantis said that the course promoted a theory that claims America is racist.

"Despite the country's more subtle structure, the US is still a land of citizens and subjects. Reid stated that white Americans are entitled to full citizenship benefits. She also noted that those who are not poor or disabled can still vote without hindrance."

The remarks were made following the violent protests that occurred over the weekend in response to the release of police video footage of the incident that led to the death of Tyree Nichols.

"According to Reid, the system is designed to make people feel that they are not being treated properly. She also noted that some of the people who participate in the protests are African-American. Despite the fact that the officers involved in the incident have been charged, the subjects still continue to endure the media and the national guard."

Five police officers have been charged with second-degree murder in connection to the death of Nichols. Two of the officers are also being investigated by the sheriff's office for their actions during the incident.

"According to Reid, subjects are constantly asked questions about their actions. They also often feel threatened by the police. Even though they have the grace of god, they still become aware of the possibility of meeting up with the wrong person at any time."

Reid also noted that the right does not want children to learn about the history of the country.

The preceding is a summary of an article that originally appeared on Daily Caller.

Written by Staff Reports

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