Judge Slams MyPillow CEO with $5M Fine: MAGA Army Rages On

In a decision that has left conservatives fuming, a judge has ruled that MyPillow CEO and proud MAGA warrior Mike Lindell must shell out more than $5 million. Oh, the horror! U.S. District Judge John Tunheim dropped the hammer on Lindell this week, all thanks to some remarks he made back in 2021.


Lindell, known for his bold claims about election fraud, set up a challenge at his “Cyber Symposium” in August of that year. He dared anyone to prove him wrong about alleged Chinese election interference in 2020, offering a hefty $5 million prize through his Lindell Management consulting firm.

Well, enter software developer Robert Zeldman, who boldly stepped up to the plate with a 15-page entry trying to debunk Lindell’s theories. Long story short, Zeldman went to an arbitration panel after Lindell refused to pay up and voilà, they ruled in Zeldman’s favor this April.

Now, Judge Tunheim has backed up that decision like a referee with a whistle, stating that the arbitration panel acted within its rights. Lindell’s team is up in arms, vowing to appeal because, in their eyes, this Zeldman character shouldn’t see a penny of that $5 million.

Conservatives across the nation are rallying behind Lindell, claiming he’s being unfairly targeted for daring to question the integrity of the 2020 election. In their view, this ruling is just another example of the left trying to silence dissent and muzzle conservative voices.

The fight’s not over yet, folks. Lindell is gearing up for a legal battle, ready to take on this ruling and stand his ground. Stay tuned for more updates on this epic clash between a MAGA titan and the forces of liberal censorship.

Written by Staff Reports

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