Kamala Taken to Task: Her ‘Great Approval Ratings’ Exposed as Myth!

Vice President Kamala Harris received a slap on the wrist from a fact-checking organization after she responded to a reporter’s question about her low approval rating. When asked about her poor rating among voters, Harris brushed it off by claiming that other polls show her with “great approval ratings.” However, PolitiFact did some digging and found that the polls Harris mentioned were conducted over 100 polls ago, and the most recent poll that showed more people approving than disapproving of her performance was back in October 2021.

PolitiFact called out Harris for her false assertion, pointing out that the average approval rating for Harris at the time was only 39.7%, with 52.3% disapproving. That’s a net approval rating of -12.6 percentage points! The fact-checkers also noted that the poll Harris referenced was within the margin of error, so it wasn’t a significant deviation from the overall trend of disapproval.

It’s clear that Harris was trying to deflect from her low approval ratings by cherry-picking outdated data. This is a common tactic used by politicians to spin the narrative in their favor, but the facts don’t lie. Harris may try to downplay her unpopularity, but the reality is that she is underwater when it comes to public opinion.

This is just another example of Harris’s verbal missteps and public gaffes. From her repetitive use of the phrase “space cooperation” to her kindergarten-level explanation of artificial intelligence, Harris has shown time and time again that she may not be ready to take over the presidency if the need arises. It’s important for voters to be aware of these misstatements and question whether Harris is truly fit for the job. We need a leader who can communicate effectively and inspire confidence, and unfortunately, Harris has yet to prove herself in that regard.

Written by Staff Reports

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