Kamala’s Giggly Interview: Couric Coddles VP While Border Crisis Ignored

In yet another display of liberal bias and fawning admiration, Vice President Kamala Harris was given a giggly and unprofessional interview by none other than Katie Couric. Can we just have one serious interview with this woman, please? It’s not like she’s just some random celebrity, she’s actually the second most powerful person in the entire country! But apparently, treating her with respect and asking tough questions is too much to ask for from the liberal media.

The interview started off with Couric and Harris laughing and giggling about their height listings on Wikipedia. Really? Is this what journalism has come to? A silly conversation about how tall someone is? I’m all for being friendly, but there’s a time and place for everything, and this was not it. It felt more like a slumber party than a serious discussion about the policies and issues facing our nation.

And when the conversation turned to immigration, Couric didn’t hold back in making excuses for Harris’s poor performance. She actually had the audacity to say, “You’re not in charge of the border, which I think is important to point out.” Excuse me, but wasn’t Kamala Harris appointed as the border czar? Last time I checked, that means she’s supposed to be in charge of fixing the mess at the border. But of course, Couric conveniently forgets that and shifts the blame onto Republicans. Typical liberal tactic.

But let’s not forget who’s really to blame here. It’s the Biden administration that has completely mishandled the border crisis. Biden himself wasted no time in reversing Trump’s immigration policies and even halted construction of the border wall. And now they have the nerve to call out Republicans for playing politics with the issue? Please. The hypocrisy is astounding.

And the kicker is when Harris said, “We want to fix it, and they want to run on it.” Oh, please. If they really wanted to fix it, they would have already done so. The only reason they’re even talking about the border now is because it’s an election year and they’ve seen the polls. Once the election is over, they’ll go right back to pretending the border crisis doesn’t exist. It’s all about politics for them, not actually solving the problem.


Written by Staff Reports

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