Ken Buck Blasts GOP Over Jan. 6, Criticizes Big Tech Influence

Former Colorado Republican Rep. Ken Buck recently spoke out about his frustrations with Congress and shared his views on the inner workings of the House in an interview. Buck, who represented Colorado’s 4th Congressional District for nine years, decided to retire early, leaving his seat vacant. He expressed disappointment in his party’s handling of the Jan. 6 insurrection and cited it as a reason for his decision not to seek reelection in 2024.

Buck expressed frustration with the lack of progress in Congress, particularly with regard to antitrust legislation involving Big Tech companies. He highlighted the overwhelming influence that Big Tech wields on Capitol Hill, impeding lawmakers from making significant headway on these issues. Buck also criticized the pressure to conform to party voting expectations, which ultimately led to his disillusionment with the legislative process.


Furthermore, Buck shed light on the corrupt nature of fundraising in Congress, revealing that he was expected to raise specific dollar amounts to secure positions on various committees. He described this practice as “buying” his way into influential committee roles, asserting that such practices are unfamiliar to most Americans.

In addition, Buck addressed the challenges of living on a congressional salary, stating that his income, while higher than the median worker he represents, does not adequately support the demands of maintaining residences in both his district and Washington. He empathized with his constituents, recognizing the vast disparity between his income and the average salary in some areas of his district.

Buck expressed concerns about the future of Social Security, Medicare, and the national debt, emphasizing the urgency of addressing these issues to prevent burdening future generations. He proposed changes to the incentive structure in Congress, suggesting that members should not receive a salary unless the budget is balanced and advocating for reduced spending as a requirement for reelection.

Additionally, Buck recommended that members of Congress return to a model where they live in Washington with their families, similar to the setup in the 1970s and 1980s. He believed that this arrangement would foster greater unity and reduce divisiveness among lawmakers.

In summary, Buck’s reflections on his time in Congress offer insight into the challenges and frustrations he encountered, while also proposing reforms to address the systemic issues he identified within the legislative body.

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