Kennedy Accuses Meta of Suppressing Presidential Campaign Content

In a recent buzz on the block, independent presidential hopeful Robert F. Kennedy Jr. has pointed fingers at Mark Zuckerberg’s Meta for messing with fair play in the elections. Kennedy claims that the social media heavyweight put the kibosh on the show “Who Is Bobby Kennedy?” on Facebook and Instagram. How rude!

Kennedy’s crew said that a political action committee (PAC) that backs him rolled out a flick about his life with actor Woody Harrelson on the mic. But when folks tried to share the flick on Facebook and Instagram, it was like hitting a wall – some were told it was spam, others heard it was too wild, and a bunch got a slap on the wrist for breaking the rules, according to RFK’s squad.

Not stopping there, Kennedy’s camp mentioned some peeps saw a “upload failed” note, and others saw their comments vanish faster than cake at a party. Kennedy hollered in a statement that if all sides can’t chat up on the internet, then we’re not running a democracy, just a sham!

Zuckerberg’s crew backtracked when folks yelled out about this sneaky move, but Kennedy’s gang argues they turned down the volume so low on the flick, it got zero eyeballs even if users with many followers shared it. Plus, they claim Meta even sent some users to a social media timeout for a few days. Oh no, they didn’t!

Now, Kennedy’s big-time supporters say they’re dragging Meta to court, saying the media titan totally crossed the line by playing censor. Meta’s voicebox Andy Stone brushed off the heat, saying they goofed, and it was fixed up soon.

One of the backers, Tony Lyons, didn’t hold back, saying when social media giants muzzle a presidential hopeful, it’s like keeping the public in the dark about what the candidate stands for. It’s like an oligarchy rulebook, not a democracy dance.

This isn’t the first rodeo for Meta, apparently. In backflipping history, Meta’s been accused of dancing in someone’s else’s election shoes before. Just last year, they supposedly lowered the curtains on a New York Post tale that put Joe Biden in a pickle. Oh, the drama!

Written by Staff Reports

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