Kennedy Campaign Escalates Efforts to Secure Ballot Access in All States

Robert F. Kennedy Jr. is working hard to make sure he can run for president in all 50 states. At first, his campaign relied on regular people and volunteers to gather enough signatures to get on the ballot. But now, he’s turning to paid professionals and legal actions to help with this important task.

Kennedy’s campaign has paid a lot of money, nearly $400,000, to a consulting firm called Accelevate 2020 for help. They have also spent over $2 million through a super PAC to get Kennedy’s name on all the ballots. The campaign says that getting on the ballot in every state is crucial for any campaign and for making sure our country stays strong.

So far, Kennedy has gotten on the ballot in Utah and Michigan, and it looks like Hawaii will be next. His campaign has also collected enough signatures to submit in six other states. But they are waiting until just before the deadline to submit them because they want to give the Democratic Party less time to challenge the signatures.

Even though Kennedy’s campaign is getting support from lots of people, the Democratic National Committee is working hard to stop him. They have groups of lawyers and public relations people working to make it harder for Kennedy to run for president.

Kennedy’s lawyer has already filed three lawsuits in Idaho, Utah, and Maine to challenge rules about gathering signatures. They want to make it easier for Kennedy to get on the ballot in as many places as possible. They are even taking legal action in Nevada because a staff member there didn’t tell the campaign about a rule that might keep Kennedy off the ballot.

One problem for Kennedy’s campaign is that some of the volunteers are not happy that the professional consultants are taking over some of the work. In Hawaii, for example, the lawyer is making decisions that the volunteers wanted to make.

Written by Staff Reports

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