Kennedy Embraces Trump-style Border Policies in Presidential Bid

Independent presidential candidate Robert F. Kennedy Jr. seems to have finally woken up to reality and decided to mimic the border policies of none other than former President Donald Trump. In a recent Q&A session at the National Sheriffs’ Association’s annual convention, Kennedy boldly criticized President Joe Biden’s lenient open-border agenda. He made it clear that if he were elected, he’d bring back many of the effective border-closing strategies that Trump had previously implemented.

Kennedy’s ambitious wish list includes a border wall, the addition of 2,600 more Border Patrol agents, 300 immigration judges stationed at the border, and the reinstatement of the “Remain in Mexico” policy. Quite a laundry list, but one that shows he’s aiming to curb illegal immigration in a way not seen since the Trump administration. Imagine Biden’s face when he hears that Kennedy is planning to “seal the border”—a stance that distances him from the chaos that is the Biden presidency.

Despite running a distant third in the presidential race, Kennedy is no stranger to border issues, having visited the area with local sheriffs. He believes that fencing is particularly necessary in rural areas of Texas, New Mexico, Arizona, and California, though he doesn’t envision a need for barriers along the entire 2,200-mile stretch. Only where the days and nights find migrants crossing in droves does he see physical obstacles as essential.

Kennedy didn’t stop there. He emphasized the need for an invigorated Border Patrol force, advocating for the hiring of thousands to replace those who have left during Biden’s term. He also argued for the addition of more judges to expedite the lengthy immigration hearing and asylum claim processes. While maintaining his stance on border closure, Kennedy demonstrated a softer edge by claiming to support “legal” immigration, stating that America needs more workers and that immigrants can fill that gap.

His ultimate plan involves re-implementing Trump’s “Remain in Mexico” policy, ensuring that migrants stay out of the U.S. until their asylum claims are processed. Kennedy also took a swipe at Biden’s so-called “catch and release” agenda, suggesting such policies should be abolished immediately. He wrapped up his speech by underscoring that no nation can thrive with an open border and that while America’s compassion and values should be reflected in its immigration policy, that policy must emphasize legality above all else.

Written by Staff Reports

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