Kentucky AG Leads Charge Against Biden’s Climate Tyranny

Kentucky’s new Attorney General Russell Coleman is wasting no time in taking on the heavy-handed bureaucratic bullies in the Biden administration. President Biden’s latest attempt to force states into a “green” energy transition without the approval of the American people has sparked a coalition of Republican attorneys general, led by Coleman, to challenge the unconstitutional overreach.

The Biden administration’s approach to climate policy has been anything but subtle, relying on executive orders and federal agency rules in an attempt to bypass the will of the people. This time, it’s the Federal Highway Administration’s new rule that requires states to create greenhouse gas reduction targets and report “tailpipe carbon” emissions data to the federal government, with a looming deadline of February 1.

But Kentucky AG Coleman is not having it. He and his coalition of 20 other state attorneys general are taking Biden to court, arguing that the administration is once again overstepping its constitutional bounds. They’re not afraid to call out Biden’s radical climate agenda for what it is – an assault on hardworking Americans, including Kentuckians. Coleman emphasized that Biden’s climate crackdown would hit every Kentuckian’s wallet and force gas-powered cars off the road, all while raising costs for families, farmers, and small business owners.

The coalition’s legal challenge points out that the Biden administration doesn’t have the authority to push through such sweeping regulations without the approval of Congress. Their argument is straightforward: federal agencies cannot compel states to administer a federal regulatory program without the necessary statutory authority. They also highlight the excessive burden these rules would place on states, estimating the cost to Kentucky alone at over $600,000 and consuming hundreds of hours of manpower.

Coleman and his fellow attorneys general are standing up for state sovereignty and the principles of federalism, making it clear that the Biden administration’s regulatory overreach will not go unchallenged. As they take the fight to the U.S. District Court, they aim to prevent irreparable harm to their states and protect the hardworking taxpayers from bearing the brunt of Biden’s heavy-handed climate agenda.

Written by Staff Reports

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