Kilmeade Grills RFK Jr. on “Soft on Crime” VP Pick

In a fiery exchange on Fox News, “Fox & Friends” host Brian Kilmeade didn’t hold back when grilling independent presidential candidate Robert F. Kennedy Jr. on his choice of running mate. Kennedy, known for his controversial views, raised eyebrows when he announced Silicon Valley lawyer Nicole Shanahan as his 2024 running mate. Kilmeade wasted no time pointing out Shanahan’s left-leaning tendencies, including her support for progressive figures like George Gascón and Pete Buttigieg.

Kilmeade, with his trademark no-nonsense approach, questioned Kennedy about Shanahan’s stance on crime policies, especially her support for Gascón, who has been criticized for his role in compromising public safety in Los Angeles. In typical conservative fashion, Kilmeade pressed Kennedy on whether Shanahan was “soft on crime,” highlighting the importance of tough law enforcement measures to protect communities.

Kennedy defended Shanahan, citing her involvement in funding the successful recall of San Francisco District Attorney Chesa Boudin, a staunch advocate for defunding the police. Despite Shanahan’s past support for Gascón, Kennedy insisted that her views on crime and incarceration have evolved over time, emphasizing her commitment to addressing issues like mass incarceration and nonviolent offenses. But for conservatives like Kilmeade, Shanahan’s past alliances with left-wing figures remain a cause for concern.

The tense exchange underscored the deep ideological divide between the political left and right, with Kilmeade representing the conservative viewpoint that prioritizes law and order over progressive reforms. In the eyes of conservative critics, Kennedy’s choice of Shanahan as his running mate raises questions about his commitment to conservative values and his ability to appeal to Republican voters. As the 2024 presidential race heats up, it’s clear that debates over crime, justice, and political allegiances will continue to shape the national conversation.

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