Leftist Professor Attacks Pro-Life Group, Proves Her Intolerant Bias!

In a shocking display of intolerance and bias, a sociology professor at a California college has been caught violating the academic integrity and freedom by attacking and vandalizing a pro-life student group’s table. Shellyne Rodriquez, widely reputed for her leftist ideologies, launched a verbal tirade that escalated into violent acts of shoving pamphlets off their desk. This is a horrifying and unacceptable behavior that violates the sanctity of academic freedom.

Professor Rodriquez is clearly a pro-abortion activist who is unable to tolerate any opinion other than her own. She proved that she is someone who has no respect for faith or morality and clearly doesn’t believe in the concept of free speech or open dialogue in the classroom, as she was caught on video vociferously berating students in the vilest and crudest way possible.

It is a tragedy that educators like Rodriquez, who are supposed to foster critical thinking, can be so narrow-minded and partisan. One cannot imagine what kind of biased, flawed and manipulative information is being taught to amenable minds in the classrooms of such professors.

It is imperative that the college administration takes action to ensure that these kinds of incidents never happen again. No one deserves to be bullied, humiliated, or attacked because of their faith or political beliefs. The Left must realize that violence and intimidation only serve to undermine our democracy and its foundations. The pro-life students have the right to promote their beliefs, and the freedom of expression must be respected by everyone, including professors.

Source: Trending Politics

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