Lib Superintendent Bows Out, OK Schools Get Chance at Revival

In a surprising turn of events, Deborah A. Gist, the school superintendent in one of Oklahoma’s rare Democratic footholds, has thrown in the towel. The New York Times reported that Gist is resigning in a last-ditch effort to prevent the state from taking over the largest school district in Oklahoma. It’s clear that the liberal agenda has failed once again, leaving behind a trail of financial mismanagement and failing schools.

Gist’s departure comes after an ongoing feud with Oklahoma State Superintendent of Public Instruction, Ryan Walters, a conservative Republican who has consistently voiced serious concerns about the state of education in Tulsa. Walters has accused Gist of negligence and leadership failures, and it seems that his criticisms have hit home.

The Tulsa World revealed that Walters is determined to ensure that every student in Oklahoma has the opportunity to succeed, unlike the unfortunate children in Tulsa who are trapped in a district plagued with financial mismanagement and failing schools. He firmly believes that Tulsa and its students deserve one of the best school districts in the nation, but immediate accountability and improvement are essential for this transformation to take place.

Not only has Walters called out the abysmal performance of Tulsa students but he has also taken issue with the flawed teacher training on implicit bias. In response, Gist mustered up some courage and released a letter stating that she plans to step down in a desperate attempt to avoid a state takeover. It’s a clear admission of defeat and a tacit acknowledgement that her leadership has been a colossal failure.

Walters, however, sees this as a positive step towards progress. He warmly welcomed Gist’s offer to step down, recognizing that Tulsa Public Schools desperately needs a dramatic change in leadership. He has consistently called for Gist’s removal to put the district on the path to success. Now, with her resignation, Walters remains optimistic that the community will finally address the urgent need for financial transparency and improved academic outcomes.

It’s time for Tulsa’s children to come first, and it seems that Walters is the only one willing to prioritize their education. Gist’s departure signifies the end of liberal policies that have left our schools in disarray. Now, with a conservative voice leading the way, there’s hope for a brighter future for Tulsa students. Let us not forget that it was the liberal agenda that created this mess in the first place. It’s time to clean up the liberal mess and put conservative principles back in charge to ensure that every child has the opportunity to succeed.

Written by Staff Reports

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