Liberal Justices Target Conservative Chief in WI Court Power Grab

In Wisconsin, the liberal majority of the Supreme Court is once again threatening the conservative chief justice's power. The Associated Press reported that these justices are trying to limit the chief justice's powers. It's like they can't stand how conservatives have a say in everything.

In April, liberal judge Janet Protasiewicz was able to defeat conservative judge Dan Kelly in a race for a Wisconsin Supreme Court seat, which gave the liberals their first majority in 15 years. Unfortunately, instead of showing respect for the judiciary's balance of power, they immediately used their newfound strength.

Liberal justices are targeting Annette Ziegler, the chief justice of the Supreme Court. They want to limit her power, make court sessions more open to the public and establish a committee that will decide when it’s appropriate for justices to recuse themselves from cases, among other things. Their goal is to weaken the conservative majority on the court, and stack the deck for their own gain.

In response to the power grab, Chief Justice Ziegler called out the "rogue justices" for holding secret meetings to undermine her. She is right that this is all about control and power for the liberal movement.

This is a major issue, as the Wisconsin Supreme Court is expected to hear several major cases this term, such as abortion, school choice, redistricting, and veto power. The liberal justices are using their majority to take away conservative influence, and they're hoping to make sure these cases will go their way.

The situation is sad because the law is being used as a political tool by the liberal majority. They don't care about the rule of law or fairness, and they're only interested in dismantling anything that's conservative.

The left will not stop until they have completely destroyed the conservative movement. We must remain vigilant, and we must make our voices known to prevent these liberal justices from trampling on our rights.

Written by Staff Reports

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